volcano land at fog

People no longer need to fear volcanic eruptions and lava flows in the Styrian volcano land today. Extreme mountaineers are also rather out of place here. Instead, the volcano land of Austria’s region of Styria has become a destination for inquisitive individuals wishing to find out about one of the most fascinating countrysides in Austria. Those who, in passing, also have a passion for the pleasures of the table: the Styrian volcano land is a paradise for connoisseurs of wine and lovers of typically regional delicacies.

A myriad of idyllic inns, dream hotels, committed winegrowers and craft companies producing choice delicacies have established themselves between Radkersburg in the south and Ottendorf in the north, between the west around Schwarzau and the east around Kapfenstein. Countryside and culinary art of dining merge here to form a unity.
The fertile soils of the volcano land offer the best possible conditions for fine wines, excellent fruit spirits, the famous Styrian oilseed pumpkins, a simply inexhaustible stock of handpicked fruit and very much more.