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Vulcano Ursprung

The new world of airdried ham
Experience the origins of enjoyment and taste.

Vulcano Ursprung will take you to the origin of taste and show you the world of smoked ham as a sensory realm - with information and experiences embedded within a unique ambience filled with enjoyment.

On three stories and across 1.000m², visitors to the world of the finest smoked hams will be captivated as they learn everything there is to know about the secrets behind these nobel delicacies, secrets they can learn first-hand on tours through discrete areas of production, processing, and maturing techniques:

From the large smoked ham made of stainless steel at the entrance to the welcoming lobby, the arcadet sidewalk, the pig stalls, and the regional assortment of delicacies to the one-of-a-kind room designed to stimulate your senses with creative exhibits and swinging smoked hams. 
The adjacent smoked ham bar, the specialities store, and arched cellar area ensure that everything here will appeal to your palate. As a particularly interesting "extra" visitors will be greeted right at the beginning by Vulcana, the symbol of Vulcano, designed and painted by Dominika Kalcher, and whose story can be heard in a film narration by Folke Tegetthoff.

The sensory nature of the information will surprise your eyes, ears, nose, and will certainly serve to prepare you for the right taste. Enjoy the origin.

  • Parking 
    Enjoy a comfortable drive to our location, find a nice parking spot, and enjoy the anticipation - we have enough room for a large number of buses and a barrier-free entrance for all of our guests, right up to the front door.

  • Smoked ham entrance
    A stainless steel entrance in the form of a giant ham that artistically accompanies the entrance and underlines the aesthetics of the foyeur.

  • Information
    The welcoming lobby, where everything begins, and the beginning of the story of the origin with videos and pictures. Guests will be received by Vulcana, the symbol of Vulcano, designed and painted by Dominika Kalcher, and hose story can be heard in a film narration by Folke Tegetthoff.

  • Arcaded sidewalk
    The way outside with selected stations and informations signs to help you learn about different kinds of pigs, feeding techniques, and other topics as well as to invite you  to slow down and enjoy your visit.

  • Pig stalls
    The home of our dearest animals, where you can learn how they live and how we take care of them - a "Home Pig Home" with covered run, classical music, and pig showers.

  • A basket of delicacies
    A presentation of chosen products form the region, which serves as a magnificant symbol of the variety of foods from the land of the vulcano and as a representation of our connection to eastern Styria.

  • A room for the senses
    An informative and creative darkroom, designed to appeal to your senses:
    The tour circuit will take you from media-based exhibits about the aging room to the swinging air dried hams, thereby explaining the topics of smoked ham and the aging process in a novel fashion.

  • Smoked ham bar
    A gourmet island with a specialty bar for the sampling of the Vulcano delicacies of varying ages and maturities and a terrace amont the treetops. Here, the enjoyment of meat comes together with our wine culture for a combination of perfect harmony complemented with complete contrasts.

  • Shop
    A place contraining a large array of those specialty regional products that best mesh with smoked or air dried ham and in view of the swinging Vulcano smoked hams.

  • Arched cellar
    A wine cellar with open fireplace for private parties, where events, tasteful company parties, and birthday parties can be celebrated with even more delight.

Vulcano Schinkenmanufaktur GmbH & Co KG . 8330 Auersbach . Eggreith 26 . +43 3114 2151 . mail (at) vulcano.at